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Presenting A new Feature: the Group Moto

Display this with the markup (:moto:)
edit Group MotoBar
or Create a MotoBar for your Group e.g. Main.MotoBar

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This page contains details on using the Steamport Skin.

In the PMWiki environment "Skins" are what might also be called "Themes," they are a way of changing the appearance of a website without changing the content. So if you don't like how the page looks you can customize it.

"Steamport" Skin is a responsive (adjusting to screen-size) Three-Column Skin
Written by Kirk Siqveland

The two sidebars will appear and disappear according to the size of the screen viewing the page.
(or by using special markup like - this page.)

A navigation bar (NavBar) will appear - if you have added links to it, when the screen gets too small for the Left Side Bar.
NOTE: the NavBar is Group Specific so you can customize it for each Group's Needs.
Start with your Site.NavBar, then maybe Main.NavBar etc.

 (Don't forget to build one when you make a new Group!)

The Left "SideBar" is edited with .../pmwiki.php?n=Site.SideBar?action=edit
( See it here: Path:/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Site.SideBar?action=edit )

I have added the right sidebar ("GroupBar") as a modified version of the normal SideBar, since in my sites I often use the SideBar (Left) for Site navigation and the GroupBar (Right) for Group specific details, images, HowTo's and navigation.\\ Feel free to use them how you wish.

The Right Side Bar has four Segments - Each segment uses the Site default until a Group-Specific version is made:

 * SplashBarTitle { Usually just a simple title above the image in the SplashBar  }
 * SplashBar      { typically used for a picture } 
 * GroupBar       { the main content area - meant to be localized to the 'group' with links or descriptive blurbs.}
 * GroupBarFooter { used for the 'last word' on every page in a group, not in use in this site.} 

Don't forget, pmwiki has native GroupHeaders and Group Footers

Here are quick links to the default versions:

SplashBarTitle:Path:/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Site.SplashBarTitle?action=edit )
SplashBar:Path:/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Site.SplashBar?action=edit )
GroupBar:Path:/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Site.GroupBar?action=edit )
GroupBarFooter:Path:/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Site.GroupBarFooter?action=edit )
Moto:Path:/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Site.MotoText?action=edit )

Page-Specific Layout changes:

To get started, say you want to hide the SideBar, the GroupBar, or the SearchBar on a particular page, you just add markup text to the top of the page:
(:nosidebar:), (:nosearchbar:), (:nogroupbar:), (:notitlebar:), (:nositelogo:), and many more.

And Voila, the Right Bar, Search Bar or Group Bar disappears.
In fact if you edit this page you will see, displayed at the bottom, all of the hide-element commands included in the Steamport Skin.
Several are duplicates such as (:nosearch:) and (:nosearchbar:) since we all like to phrase things differently.

You will also notice the "edit GroupBar" in the bottom of the (Main) GroupBar (on the right-hand side). This will disappear when you are not logged in. You can see the code for that on the bottom of GroupBar in Edit Mode. Here>> GroupBar?action=edit

-- Here's the full list of defined Markup Directives in steamport.php (many have two names for the same job):
nosidebar | noleftbar | norightbar | nosearch | nosearchbar | nositelogo | notitlebar | nonavbar | noaction | nocommandbar | nocmds | notitle | nolastmod | noheader | nofooter | nologo | nositebar | noheadnavbar | nofootnavbar | noheadcmds | nofootcmds | nosplashtitle | nosplashbar | moto | nogroupbar | nogroupfoot

Group Specific Features:

These right side bars are customized to each Group (e.g. Main.GroupBar is not related to Site.GroupBar )
This allows you to add Group related menus to a page.

If you installed the full demo-version of Steamport, for more on Group Features please go to Steamport Groups page.

For advanced customization, the layout is contained in the Skins folder "Steamport" which requires ftp access to:
There are four essential files: START_HERE.css, steamport.tmpl, steamport.css, and steamport.php. There is also a steamport.js file for adding script code. The code is well commented to help you find your way around.

Just to see how things can be tweaked, try this page: WikiSandbox